The Extended WPF Toolkit goes v1.5

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    I wantthe semantic zoom control from win8 for wpf!

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    Hooray! Glad to see WPF is still alive and kicking butt!!

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    Very sweet@!

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    I like this set a lot. I've been testing the PropertyGrid to investigate if my object model is working properly, but I think there may be a bug in there. There's beta behind it in the list so it could actually not be my own fault, but I actually suspect it still might be.

    The problem I have is this: I have a collection of Attributes, and these various Attributes, e.g. StringAttribute, all inherit from the same Attribute object. In a DataGrid control, the contents of these properties appear correct. From the properties it's showing it appears to be using the Attribute base object type, which makes sense. However, in the PropertyGrid, some of the properties on the Base object don't seem to work right.

    Another collection, which is identical except that it's a homogenous list of Access attributes, works with no issues. So I'm guessing it has something to do with the inheritance of properties on the object.

    The key property I am having trouble with is ID, which is based on a ProfileAttributeEnum. The list of values is shown properly in the combobox, but the value is set to its default value of NotSet, where the DataGrid is showing the right value, and if I access it in code through either casting as Attribute or StringAttribute I get the right values as well. I've done some experiments with adding an override for the Attribute property on the StringAttribute, but nothing seems to work.

    Anyone any idea?

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    Don't get me wrong: I love the ext wpf toolkit but I just have to jump in and crash this party.

    I think it's a shame that a Microsoft employee (correct me if I'm wrong but niners are MS employees aren't they ?) mentions the ext wpf toolkit without mentioning the original wpf toolkit. oh, wait, that's right. Can't do that. It's been abandoned without even a working build for .net 4.0. Oops, my bad. :-(

    Yes, I sound bitter because I think it's a CRYING shame that inside a multi-billion dollar company not a SINGLE MS employee gets the time (what 2 days ?) to clean up the wpf toolkit (that is, get rid of the controls that made it into the framework and fix some long-waiting bugs) and release a clean .net 4 build.

    I know the last 3.5 build works when used from a 4.0 app but it just makes my eyes bleed to see all that duplicate code (not to mention fiddling with the duplicate controls in different namespace).

    Come on Microsoft ! Please !

    Now where did I leave my meds ?

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    Happy to see WPF is still alive.

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