The Rosetta Stone of .Net?

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The war of the languages.  Some people like c#, others like VB.  Yes, there are others like, Ruby, C++, Python, Java, PHP ... but more on the lines of .Net languages, transcoding code examples becomes a bit of a headache.

Personally, I have issues reading VB.  I don't know the syntax really so it is almost like pig latin to me.  Asking a few friends along with attempting to track down a transcoder and I found an amazing free, translator from to (and back again) on Carlos Aguilar Mares's website.  When searching for code examples / samples, most will be only in one language, this may help you understand how stuff was coded in your language of choice.  This is one of those tool I believe should be in any developer's back pocket.  That and Lutz Roeder's reflector.



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    Ez kell nekem! The war of the languages. Some people like c#, others like VB. Yes, there are others like,

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