The Visual Studio 2017 Color Theme Editor is Finally Available!

The Discussion

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    This is great, however, it resets the size of your fonts. Perhaps this is by design? IMO, I think there should be a full theme editor, with the added ability to set font sizes as well. Selecting actual fonts would be problematic when sharing themes though. I really appreciate the work here!

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    Love it but someone please tell me how to customize "find all references" colors in vs2017 c# projects. Its unreadable if you use custom theme with dark background

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    @raylinder1: your fonts are set per Visual Studio theme. before and after installing this, If I change VS Themes, the font changes to what ever it was set before at. This is nice to have since as a speaker, I use Light & Dark for my self and Blue for presenting, where the font is larger then I normally have it

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     I love the editor, I just wish I could figure out what theme element I need to customize... if only we had a way to show what theme elements are applied to the current selection

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    Very limited as it currently stands. I wanted to make a theme where all backgrounds are solid black, but impossible to do this using the "common elements" - surely text editor background, solution explorer background, output window background are common elements?

    Even an option to select an on screen color using a color picker tool, then filter the all elements list to elements of that color might help.

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