The Visual Studio 2017 Color Theme Editor is Finally Available!


Dev Humans are weird. Some will spend hours and days tweaking the colors of their IDE, making their perfect theme, and some are just fine with the default themes (and let's not even bring up the Light vs Dark topic...).

If crafting the perfect theme is your thing, you'll be very happy to know that the Visual Studio 2017 Theme Editor is finally available. Start your theme tweaking engines!

Visual Studio 2017 Color Theme Editor

Allows users to customize the Visual Studio 2017 color palette.

This Channel 9 video gives an in-depth description of how to use the extension.


Features & Benefits

  • Import and upgrade themes from Visual Studio 2015
  • Added support for new Visual Studio 2017 features - including Start Page and Developer News
  • Easily rename custom themes
  • Preview text color and background combinations in the theme editor before applying the theme
  • Choose from several prebuilt themes including a Light theme with a dark editor, a Dark theme with a light editor, two themes based on Ethan Schoonover's Solarized color palette, and four additional colored themes (Red, Green, Tan, Purple)
  • Ability to copy/paste, undo/redo, and multi-select editcolor values
  • A new and improved color picker to easily change your theme’s colors
  • More Visual Studio UI that can be modified including most tool window backgrounds and selection colors
  • Customize your editor colors from the theme editor UI
  • Copy colors from existing themes to easily create variations on the prebuilt themes
  • Import and export themes to share themes across multiple machines or with friends

[Click through to download it now]



The Discussion

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    This is great, however, it resets the size of your fonts. Perhaps this is by design? IMO, I think there should be a full theme editor, with the added ability to set font sizes as well. Selecting actual fonts would be problematic when sharing themes though. I really appreciate the work here!

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    Love it but someone please tell me how to customize "find all references" colors in vs2017 c# projects. Its unreadable if you use custom theme with dark background

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    @raylinder1: your fonts are set per Visual Studio theme. before and after installing this, If I change VS Themes, the font changes to what ever it was set before at. This is nice to have since as a speaker, I use Light & Dark for my self and Blue for presenting, where the font is larger then I normally have it

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     I love the editor, I just wish I could figure out what theme element I need to customize... if only we had a way to show what theme elements are applied to the current selection

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    Very limited as it currently stands. I wanted to make a theme where all backgrounds are solid black, but impossible to do this using the "common elements" - surely text editor background, solution explorer background, output window background are common elements?

    Even an option to select an on screen color using a color picker tool, then filter the all elements list to elements of that color might help.

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