They are not comic books! They are valuable graphic novels.

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Graphic novels (or as they used to say, 'comic books') have been hot collector items for years.  There are those of us who still get choked up when we think of the stacks of Fantastic Four, Superman, Spiderman, Silver Surfer, and other classic titles of our youth that got thrown in the trash only to be worth hundreds, even thousand of dollars today. It can be a challenge to keep a collection in pristine condition while still being able to enjoy the adventure stories they contain. 

Our friend Kevin Marshall at Clarity Consulting recently started work on a project called CLibrary to capture the content of his collection for future reading while preserving their value.  Kevin is the guy who did the Visual Foosball score tracking system we featured in an article in March.  Based on that very cool hobbyist coding project we predict an interesting future for the CLibrary comic book manager application. So far, Kevin has employed image scanning and archiving routines to capture metadata and cover image thumbnails into a SQL Server Express datatbase. Visual Studio C# Express is being used to write the logic.  It is still in the early development stages but looks like a terrific Weekend Warrior-type application that combines the fun of coding with another great hobby. Check out Kevin's blog site for more details and download the code.



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