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Today's Mobile Monday post is by far the most "mobile" we've ever been. Hard to get more mobile than space apps. The cool thing about these projects (I mean besides their being space apps, hard to get cooler than that!) is that many of these projects are open source/source available.

There should be a project here for just about space-dev-geek...

100+ Reasons #SpaceApps Made a Difference

The International Space Apps Challenge, held on 21-22 April 2012, was a very productive event. 100+ solutions were developed in less than 48 hours, and although a few teams are still submitting their solutions to the website, we wanted to provide a summary of the 100+ reasons what you did at the event made a difference! We have listed out all unique solutions submitted below, in alphabetical order, and included a one or two sentence elevator-pitch description of each. We have also included a link to the solution page if you are interested in finding out more information about the solution, want to view or download the code, share a comment, contact the team, or in some cases view a demo or prototype of the solution itself. If you are one of the participants and would like to improve the description we have for your project, please email us your updates at

Each location had the opportunity to nominate up to two winning solutions for consideration in the Global Judging process. The solutions there were nominated are identified as well. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to one of the solutions below – the results truly speak for themselves.

Here's just a few of the 101 that stood out for me;

7. Beam Be Up To A Satellite! – Space Checkin (Virtual)

A spaceobject checkin game that visualizes the nearest satellites overhead and provides points and badges for each check-in.

22. Electronic Foosball Solution (Nairobi, Kenya)

A solution to display the results of a Foosball game digitally using a web client, motion sensors and an arduino board. The display can also be used as a countdown display for anything (such as a rocket launch).

26. (New York City, USA) (Nominated for Global Judging)

ExoAPI is an ongoing project that extends the accessibility of exoplanetary data by providing an easy to use RESTful API.

58. NASA-Ex (Virtual)

An 3d solar system exploration tool that uses C# ASP.NET MVC3 for a backend to interface with HORIZON data over telnet, Three.js to do the WebGL rendering, HTML5 and CSS3.

101. Ze-Api (French For “The API”) (Nairobi, Kenya)

An API that converts inaccessible NASA data into popular formats used by developers, by converting Json data XML, YAML and a better structured JSON data.


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