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So it's the day after Christmas, you might be off today and are looking for something fun to play with. Maybe you've received an Arduino as a gift and want to dig in and start building and coding something? Maybe you'd like to get your kids involved too?

But coding for Arduino is "hard" right? Well it doesn't have to be, if you have the right tool.

TouchDevelop has been highlighted here a number of times, but did you that you can use TouchDevelop to write Arduino code? Yeah, you read that right, you can create Arduino apps in TouchDevelop. And you know TouchDevelop runs on the web and has apps for most smartphones and tablets...

Don't believe me?


Check out this post for a full pictorial walk-through...

IOT: TouchDevelop Generates Arduino Code

For IOT, having a nice design tool chain is a great benefit.  Sure you can crank out C/C++ Wiring code for the Arduino.  So can TouchDevelop, and this means that you could start your coding on your Phone, Tablet, iPad like device or Surface RT.  I like this as it is a way to use TouchDevelop without the game design motivation.  And I know that Spark.IO as well as others have generated an app that allows you to program in the cloud.  TouchDevelop is another way that allows students, hobbyists as well as others another way to create programs.  Software is capable of extreme diversity if we allow designers to solve problems and share them easily with others.

Let’s take a look at getting started, you will need a few items that cost nothing!  But are quite valuable. (As with all of my blogs, please make sure to scroll down to see the entire thing.)  The images are valid on 12/18/2014.  This is the images on a Windows 8.1 Lenovo, if you are using a Chromebook, iPad, etc. you may see slightly different screens.


How cool is that!

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