Tracing Rays in c#

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Luke, a member of the c# team, created a Ray Tracer in c#.  What is ray tracing exactly?  Well, Wikipedia explains it to be a technique to model the path taken by light by following the rays as the interact with different surfaces.  Ok, in English it means you get an extremely high output image when doing 3D rendering.

Luke used LINQ to detect intersections and the entire tracer weighs in around 400 lines of c#.  The source can be downloaded and compiled with a Orcas c# compiler.



The Discussion

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    Now that's progress. In 1986, Atari used a bouncing mirrored ball-in-a-box to demo their graphics capability. It took about 30 hours to render 60 frames for the demo and that was at a far lower resolution. Nicely done.

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