Training the Trainer, the Windows 10 Dev Workshop


Sometimes the best way to learn a subject is to teach it. Yet teaching can be hard, developing the course and resources can take a great deal of effort. Adding in a new technology is a difficulty multiplier.

What if I were to share with you an already completed workshop? Resources, doc's, decks, code, student materials and more?



Hands on Workshop for Windows 10 Developer Training

This workshop is based on the full Windows Dev Camp set of materials, which is in turn based on the "Developer's Guide to Windows 10" which was produced as a set of on demand video training on both Channel 9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy.

The purpose of the Workshop is to provide a more interactive developer training experience that minimizes lecture in favor of more instructor led lab experiences.

Each module contains a minimal PPT deck and one or more 'hands on labs' for direct delivery in a classroom setting.

The lab manuals and solution files for this module have been moved. All hands on labs are now in their own repo at so that they can be easily downloaded independently of the slide decks.

The day long agenda consists of the following modules, each 60 minutes split between PPT and Lab



Hands on labs for Windows 10 UWP app development topics

These hands on labs provide a training experience where developers can learn through doing, learning about key UWP development topics by performing step-by-step labs.

These labs are also included as part of the workshops found at They are provided here in this repository to provide a simple, smaller download than the workshop. Additional labs will be made available here in the coming weeks.


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