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tDrive In case you haven't heard, TwitterDrive is going to revolutionize the way files are stored and shared on the Internet.  Today, we had the rare privilege of sitting down and talking with Brian Peek, creator of this cutting edge product.

Q: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today.  Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I'm surprised I even considered this.  I'm so above you people now.  But anyway, my name is Brian Peek, and until I developed this app, I was working, like you people, at a job that was pointless.  Now, I'm on the cusp of owning people like you.  Once this takes off, I can finally pursue my life's other passion:  hip-hop music.

30872-480-360 Q: I don't doubt it.  So why don't you tell us a little bit about TwitterDrive and how you came up with the idea?

A: TwitterDrive is the next “big thing” in cloud storage.  There are a ton of cloud storage providers out there now, most of which cost money or have limited disk space available.  But why should we live with limitations like these?  Twitter provides their users with unlimited storage for sending and saving their “tweets”.  My amazingly brilliant idea was to take this service to the next level:  using it to store and share files.  That is, free cloud storage.  Bet you wish you thought of that.

shatnerQ: I sure do.  So how does TwitterDrive work?

A: It works perfectly.  Simply run the TwitterDrive application, provide your Twitter user credentials, and then start uploading and downloading files.  Files are compressed, base64 encoded, and then uploaded to Twitter 140 bytes at a time, fully maximizing the amount of space allowed per tweet.

Imagine…uploading 14 thousand bytes of data per hour!  Or downloading two megabytes per hour!  Match that, SkyDrive.

Q: That sounds amazing.  Unlimited storage for free.

It is amazing.  Which is why I thought of it and you didn't.  Welcome to the future.

Q: So are there any limitations?

Only if you consider uploading 14 thousand mp_main_wide_EarlyComputerMarketingbytes per hour a limitation.  But really, who has that much data?  14k should be enough for everybody.

Q: What about data protection?  Is the file data protected in any way?

The data is compressed, encoded and chunked up into bits.  Who needs more security than that?  Besides, users would need to know your TwitterDrive account username to get at the data.  Security through obscurity is a win for everyone!

Q: Do you have any new features planned for TwitterDrive?

New features?  No.  It's already the most complete, useful and bug free application ever developed.  It doesn't require any additional features.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to start planning which jet I want to buy.

Well there you have it, folks.  We are at the cusp of a revolution.  Are you ready?

Download TwitterDrive here.  Want to learn more?  Learn how it was made!

The Discussion

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    George Huger

    Bravo! This is by far the best one I've seen today.

    I especially enjoyed "14k should be enough for everybody."

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    This is truly brilliant, and a revolution in storage technology. By leveraging and combining both the cloud and Social Media, TwitterDrive will usher in a new era of free storage.

    I'm working on the next step myself. SMStore. SMStore works similarly to TwitterDrive but saves its data in outgoing SMS messages to your contacts. Since SMS is able to send up to 160 characters, SMStore can hold 14% more data per message than TwitterDrive.

    The revolution is here. Get on it.

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    Excellent. The same functionality could be used to transfer binary files via SMS on your cell phone. Who needs GPRS, Edge or 3G. Imagine the possibilities with a unlimited SMS Package.

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    superb. is there a facebook version coming? facedrive anyone?

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    Samuel Pickard

    Actually, with facedrive you could do it with the picture uploader.  All you need to do is to additionally encode each segment to look like a PNG image and you could get much greater bandwidth, even more than SMStore.  I'd check the facebook api to see if there is a photo upload/download feature, but then I think I'd have to shoot myself.

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    @Majed This is just a functional april fools joke.

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    This is not a genuine idea as there was Google Drive which had  the benefit of 7GB Mailbox size, the only difference is that this has unlimited storage

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    Matt Ledding

    Brian, you made me laugh.  

    Never let it be said again that Americans have no sense of irony or subtle humour!

    Never let it be said again, if there is no "u" in humour, there is no humour in you!

    I love your wii coding (am a smoothboard fan, and you are the great grand-daddy of my lovely software.)  

    I have no doubt that twitterdrive will evolve into something just as great.  Patience is a virtue. (That we generally haven't got time for...)

    Thanks for the laugh and the coding...


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    lol, that's awesome.  Looks like the code is a bit old and Twitter has changed a bit, but it does actually seem to work.  Only problem is there's a tweet limit so I can't do more than like 2 MB/hour.  The app should just wait an hour and try again when it gets that error, but I guess it's open source.

    Sad thing about facedrive is it wouldn't work, facebook as far as I know changes all images into jpegs and checks and maybe changes the resolution, but another unlimited image storage place might work...

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