Two more from Mads... Open Command Line and Farticus


Today we're highlighting more Mads Visual Studio Extensions, one that's simple but could be one that you end up wonder where it's been all your dev life and another that's just fun (well boy humor fun)

Here's a couple other recent times we've highlighted Mads' Extensions...

Open Command Line

The Open Command Line extension supports all types of consoles like cmd, PowerShell, Bash and more. You can easily configure which to use by setting the paths and arguments in the Options.


How it works

This extension adds a new command to the project context menu that will open a command prompt on the project's path. If the solution node is selection in Solution Explorer, then a console will open at the root of the .sln file.


You can access the command by hitting ALT+Space as well.

Scott Hanselman recently blogged about this extension too, Quake Mode Console for Visual Studio - Open a Command Prompt with a hotkey



...the overlay there that shows what hotkey I'm using, that's Carnac.

Source? Of course!



Now for the silly...


The original Visual Studio fart app!

Farticus let's you configure Visual Studio to give you audio warnings when the build breaks. It can all be easily configured in the options:



Generic Episode Image


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