Udacity teaches you HTML5 Game Development


I just caught today's Web Wednesday project via a post by Sandeep Reddy and while it wasn't what I had originally scheduled for today's post, you all know how much I like "teach you to fish" posts.

Of course, given who two the the instructors work for, I might get in trouble for highlighting this, but hey, HTML5 is HTML5 right? Game dev is Game dev, right? We're all one happy HTML5 web world now, aren't we? It's about the code and learning, man, not "the man" we work for, man! (I'm so getting fired from this gig...lol Wink

Udacity - HTML5 Game Development


Class Summary

This course will walk you through the major components of building GRITS, an HTML5 game. We'll talk about how to take standard game development techniques, and use them to create high performance HTML5 applications.

What Should I Know?

Knowledge of HTML, Javascript, and how the web works is necessary for this course. There is an optional unit on the specific parts of Javascript and the DOM that you'll need for this class as a refresher.

What Will I Learn?

At the end of this course, you'll understand how to develop an HTML5 game. You will gain familiarity with HTML5 features such as 2D canvas and techniques for improving performance.


  • Unit 0 - Optional HTML/Javascript crash course
  • Unit 1 - Introduction to Canvas rendering
  • Unit 2 - Atlases and Map rendering
  • Unit 3 - Basic Input, handling events
  • Unit 4 - The entity hierarchy
  • Unit 5 - Box2D, and using external libraries
  • Unit 6 - Adding sound
  • Unit 7 - Asynchronous Loading
  • Colt McAnlis
  • Peter Lubbers
  • Sean Bennett

So there you go! A very cool course, free from Udacity. Now get working on your next cool HTML5 game!

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