Unboxing and some Visual Studio fun with the GHI FEZ Spider Gadgeteer Starter kit

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    Is it suitable for robotics as well?

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    I believe that there will be modules coming down the road that will enable the Gadgeteer platform with robotics. Pete Brown's Gadgeteer intro post details what's available now, and I'm sure there's more to come.

    BTW - thanks to Greg for featuring my unboxing post. And for folks in the DC Metro area, Pete Brown and I will be doing a session on .NET Gadgeteer and the .NET Micro Framework at CMAP Code Camp on November 12th. Come on out and see what you can do with .NET Gadgeteer, and why this is so cool!

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    This thing is like the ardwino board but cheaper... I saw in Robot Magazine Oct/2011
    the robot made from at Hans Robo at $14,000 and some at $8000.... Wow...
    What a markup for something like this ????? I am going to post a video on you-tube
    with the robotsabien robot.... I have some special software that I can command it with
    voice.... If you want a copy of the software... Please donate some money to
    me at paypal... You will learn a lot ....It cost me hundreds to create this stuff...
    If you send me $1, $5, $10, $50, or $100... I will appreciate it... Thanks much...

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