Unity Game Templates for the absolute beginners from Petri Wilhelmsen

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Many will have a few days off during the holidays. And likely those of you reading this will be thinking about your next project, or fun thing to do during this break...

What about doing some Unity game development? But where do you start?

Petri Wilhelmsen's got your back. Check out these cool Unity Starter Kits that are just a download away...

Arctic Unity Game Kits – Unity Game Templates for the absolute beginners


I have been hosting multiple Windows and Windows Phone App Jams / Game Jams here in Norway for first year students. They find it hard to use the existing templates and tweak it since the code is quite advanced, and they don’t have time to learn Unity well enough in the short timeframe.

Over the year I have created a lot of templates to try out what works best, and I decided to publish a five of those that worked well. They are simple templates used at these App Jams to make the students get results quite fast. The code here is simple to follow and doesn’t use any advanced language features – not meant for the advanced level.

The Assets are all free assets from the Unity Store, please check the license or find them at the Unity Asset Store. These assets is for use with Unity only.

The Templates


This is a space game where you have to tap on enemies and their bullets to take them out. Survive as long as you can. The enemies comes in waves. You can collect more bullets by tapping the enemy bullets.


Tractor Hill Drive is a sidescrolling 2.5D physics based racing game where you have to move a tractor over hard terrain. The template comes with 3 levels: Hill, mouintain and arctic mountain top


SUV RACE GT is a very simple game where you have to move a SUV up and down while it’s accelerating very hard. Avoid the other cars on the field and travel as far as you can.

Controls are WS, Arrow keys, mouse or touch.


War at Sea is a side view game where you need to launch rockets on the fighters that flies over you. Take them out before they reach the left side of the screen.

The rockets are launched from a submerged launcher.


Destruction Drive is a top down shooter where you control a armed car. Your job is to take out all the enemies in a pseudo-procedural landscape. Avoid the hard terrain, track the enemies and take them out.


To download all these templates click through and you can get them all in download.

Here's a snap of the kinds of things you'll get in the download;



Petri's name ring a bell? We highlighted his great Unity series here, From Zero to SteamLands - A ten part series on game building with Unity

So are you good for a little bit? Got enough to get you started? Well then, get started! Smiley

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    Mathew GErman

    I wanted to change the Tractor at Tractor Hill Ride to another car. How could I do that?

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