Universal Physics Helper XAML now available


Today Andy Beaulieu shares how his cool Physics Helper XAML has been updated to be a Windows Universal library. This opens it up to a broader world and brighter future...

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Physics Helper for Universal Windows apps

An update to the Physics Helper XAML project is now available with support for Universal Windows apps. There are several advantages to Universal apps:

  • simplified code (no more #if compiler directives)
  • increased re-use of both game assets and game logic
  • support both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1, and eventually the XBOX One
  • if your assets use XAML vector graphics, they will be scaled to each screen size without any pixilation or loss of detail

Physics Helper XAML

Project Description

Physics Helper XAML allows you to easily create 2D physics based games and simulations for Windows 8 and Windows Phone using C# or VB. It is a port of the Physics Helper and uses the Farseer Physics Engine.

Windows Universal app Support

This latest version of Physics Helper XAML has support for Universal Windows apps. Note that, if you need support for Silverlight web-based applications, you can download the older version https://physicshelperxaml.codeplex.com/downloads/get/476876.

Why a Separate Version?

When I began porting the Physics Helper project to Windows 8, I realized that there were many breaking changes in WinRT and missing functionality such as Behaviors. It was much simpler to create a new version for Metro/WinRT and then port that new version to Windows Phone and other platforms. I think that the end result is much simpler and cleaner, as an added bonus!

For more details and how to get started, see the Documentation page.


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