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There you are, opening a new open source project and there's a file in the project that you can't edit or that the edit experience isn't great.

Then you remember, "Oh yeah, I'm supposed to install an Extension to edit that..."

Mads Kristensen must have run into that more times than he can count, and being the mad dev he is, he decided to fix that glitch. And best of all, as he always does, the source for the solution is available too...

Suggested Extensions

Get suggestions on what extensions you need to handle various file types and projects when you need them.


  • Suggested extensions
    • Suggest missing extensions for unknown files
    • Installs missing extensions easily
    • Show a list of generally suggested extension
  • Solution specific extensions
    • The .vsext file
    • Intellisense
Unknown file types

When you open a file type that Visual Studio doesn't provide any tooling for, a yellow info bar shows up offering 1 or more available extensions to install.


You can either chose to install one or more of these extensions or chose not to be notified again for this particular file type.

Install extensions...

When clicking Install extensions... in the yellow info bar, you are presented with a list of extensions for the particular file type.

Install missing extensions

Just check the extensions you want to install and it will be installed automatically for you. After installation a new popup will appear to let you restart Visual Studio.


Solution specific extensions

This is great for teams and open source project owners to make sure that any needed extensions are being installed by the developers opening and working on that solution.

Mandatory and optional extensions

When opening a solution in Visual Studio that has already specified which extensions the user should be using with said solution, this dialog automatically pops up.



When editing the .vsext file you get full Intellisense for all your installed extensions.


The more relevant extension suggestions there are, the better this extension becomes. Please feel free to send pull requests with additional extensions to this JSON file.



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