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Dear friends,

As we start the new year, it's a great time to step back and review where we want to go with Coding4Fun, what kind of content we're passionate about, and most importantly, what we can do to inspire and enable everyone to get busy coding for fun themselves.

Our Team

We've expanded our team by hiring two new full-time members: Rick Barraza and Brian Peek. Here's how our team looks right now:



Dan Fernandez - I'm the team cat-herder, and lately I've been working on Kinect for Windows, Windows 8, and C# async.



Clint Rutkas - Lately, Clint has been working on all sorts of things, including MVC, Kinect for Windows, .NET Micro Framework, Windows Phone and, of course, crazy hardware projects.  He built out the Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit as well!


Brian Peek - Many of you already know Brian as a regular Coding4Fun author and contributor since 2006, but he's an official blue badge as of this week! He's probably most known for his .NET Wiimote library, but he has also written a pile of articles here at Coding4Fun, worked a bit on the Kinect for Windows SDK, the upcoming West Coast Customs car, and a variety of other things you've probably seen or used.  He was a 5 time C# MVP too!



Rick Barraza - Rick Barraza is one of our favorite design technologists and you may have seen him giving talks or showing off prototypes or concept tech demos at MIX, SXSW or IxDA. He lives and plays at the intersection of design and emerging technology and is super excited to be joining C4F and adding his design and UX ninja skills to our core team.



Greg Duncan - Greg single-handedly runs the Coding4Fun blog and the Kinect project page, posting daily updates on cool community projects. Greg is easily one of the best people for finding and writing about great content on the Web and we're lucky to have him!

Coding4Fun Authors - One of the best parts about Coding4Fun is that we have 3rd party contributors who write about things they're passionate about, including regular contributor Arian Kulp, UX wizard Lincoln Anderson at 352 Media, rising star Dennis Delimarsky, audio expert Mark Heath, and newcomers like Pedro Lamas, Faiben Royer, MIchael Quandt, and Mark Stevens. We're always looking for more authors too, so if you have a fun, cool article/project idea, send it to us!


We’re hiring – We’re also hiring for our a junior Developer/Program Manager position on our team for coding, writing, and reviewing Coding4Fun projects. email me dandotfernandezatmicrosoftdotcom if you’re interested Smile


Our Content

Coding4Fun is going back to its roots: more accessible projects that everyone can enjoy.  Our goal is to provide projects and content that are software driven.  When hardware is required, our goal is to use devices and electronics that are easily-accessible or that fit within a hobbyist budget.

As Coding4Fun has grown in popularity, the scale of our projects has also grown, such as the Kinect-controlled lounge chair and the amazing work with Windows and the West Coast Customs concept car. While we love doing these types of full scale, insane projects and will continue to drive keynote size projects moving forward, its hard to see these projects being easily to duplicate by the community. That's not to say you won't see any more crazy, large-scale projects from us, because you will! Smiley  But it's important to us that Coding4Fun isn't just about what developers can do with lots of resources working full time, but what any developer can do with a little time, curiosity and passion.

What do you think? What projects would you love to see more of on our blogs, tutorials and demos? We have our lists and are ready to go, but we'd love to hear from you too.

2012 is shaping up to be an amazing year for technology. Let's get started.



The Discussion

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    Love the coding for fun stuff.  How about doing something along the lines of a "Media Center Remote++"  Not just a remote, I want to browse the content on my phone (or Windows Tablet?) and make selections for watching and recording.  And not just TV, anything accessible via RSS as well. There has already been some great work done in this area but there is nothing definitive!   Maybe this could tie in to Media Center for Windows 8? 





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    @Ian2: i am building something in my spare time that may be able to pull that off.  really haven't used media center however so ...

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    Pedro Lamas

    It's always a great pleasure working with the Coding4Fun team and I sure hope to be writing a few more Windows Phone Dev. articles soon!! Wink

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    Is it just me or is that job link bad?

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    @JimPerry: It works for me... (via Verizon MiFi from Los Angeles area)

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    @JimPerry: resolved for me as well

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