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This past week Lucian Wischik, who is great presenter if you ever get the chance to see him at a conference, released an awesome series on creating Universal Apps with one of my favorite programming languages, the Rodney Dangerfield of languages, Visual Basic.NET. [No, lets not start a language comment war, please]

VB Universal Windows App

Here are download links for the "VB Universal Windows App" series:


VB Universal Windows App Part 1: Getting Started

Recently in April 2014, Microsoft announced Universal Windows Apps. I thought I'd take an old Silverlight paddle game and turn it into a VB Universal Windows App. Here's how the finished game looks, on devices and in the stores:


What is a Universal Windows App?

A "universal Windows app" is a great end-user experience. It means the user of your app can buy the app on Phone, say, and it counts as purchased on Store as well. The user can make an in-app purchase on one device and it counts as purchased on the other. The user's settings can roam from one device to another. Customers expect that the Windows and Windows Phone versions of the app will have roughly equivalent functionality, at least as far as that makes sense, but they also expect a "look and feel" on each device that is tailored to that device.

Under the hood, you the developer still have to submit two different app-packages to the two stores.

But what you'll do is re-use as much code as possible between the two apps – re-use your code, your XAML, your assets. The developer "happy place" is when most of your work is done in common, when a bugfix or feature for one device also works on the other device without effort or testing. That's what we've made considerably easier for VB, C#, C++ and JS in recent updates to Visual Studio.

To get started:

(Roslyn isn't strictly necessary, but it includes a few general-purpose enhancements that help universal app authoring.)

Start at the Dev Center


If you're a VB'er and are interested in creating Universal Apps, this is a must read series...

You can read them all series posts here;

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