VC Code on the Pi!


Today's project from HeadMelted (Jay Rodgers) is simply cool. It takes the new shiny that is Visual Studio Code, taking advantage of its open source'ness and cross platform capabilities, and ports it to a number of ARM platforms, including Chromebooks and the Raspberry Pi.

Yes, you can run VSCode on the Pi!

Visual Studio Code for Chromebooks, Raspberry Pi and other ARM and Intel systems


The primary focus of this site is to provide builds of the open-source edition of VS Code for less common platforms (those that might not otherwise receive them). You can find details below of the architectures, operating systems and packaging formats these builds support.

  amd64, armhf

Operating Systems
  Linux, Chrome OS*
(* uses embedded Linux)


Frequently asked questions

What is this?
These are automated builds of the open-source edition of Microsoft's Visual Studio Code.
How does this work?
The latest code is pulled on a nightly basis from Microsoft's official repository. If there are updates, the code is built, packaged and deployed.
Which devices are supported?
Please refer to the Platforms section.
Do these releases support extensions?
The extensions you want should work. Any dependencies that are not local to your architecture (e.g. x86 binary code on an ARM chromebook) will be emulated to ensure compatibility, but there is no guarantee of compatibility.
Will Visual Studio Code run on my device?
The best way to find out if your device is compatible is to go to the Instructions section and try it for yourself.
Are these releases provided by Microsoft?
No. These releases are an independent community effort. For clarity, this website (and the releases here) are not affiliated with Microsoft.


Why make these builds?
The intention of these builds is to get Visual Studio Code into the hands of as many developers (and aspiring developers) as possible. Doing this means reaching out to those users on the most cost-conscious machines, and therefore supporting lower-end devices based on ARM that may be more complicated for Microsoft to support in an official capacity.
Why Visual Studio Code?
I personally wanted to use the tool on my own ARM single-board computers for teaching purposes, and on my Chromebook for daily use, so this is really a case of "scratch your own itch" software.
This is really cool. Can I help with this?
Yes you can! Any and all help is appreciated, but you'll need to digitally sign the Microsoft CLA first, so that we can contribute any fixes back upstream to the core repository.
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