Vista Battery Fix?

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Clint Rutkas noticed a few people started to complain about Vista's battery performance directly due to Aero.  He created a small little application that runs in your system tray that detects when your system's power status changes.  Clint based his code off of another Coding 4 Fun article by Arian Kulp and a MSDN Magazine entry by Ron Fosner.

The MSDN article showed how to alter Desktop Window Manager.  By knowing how to globally turn on and off the DWM programmatically, one has the ability fix the major problem people were complaining about.  Arian's article showed how to detect when your laptop's power state changed.  So by knowing how to do both, you solve the problem battery and keep Vista's handsome good looks.

Source code and an executable are available at Clint's website.



The Discussion

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    It doesn't seem clear without reading the source. But this sample turns off Aero when on battery power?

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