Visual Studio 2008 is released and much more

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I know everyone has been playing with the beta of Visual Studio 2008 but you don't have to any longer!  Visual Studio 2008 Express flavors have been released into the wild for everyone to enjoy.

I have a great idea but how do I code?

  • Check out the Beginner Developer Learning Center over at  Everything you need to start off slow and build either Web or Windows applications using Visual Studio Express.

The Game Creators Partnership and Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition

  • Microsoft partnered with The Game Creators to offer the C++ community TGC's GDK.  The GDK will provide a powerful game development story for the Visual C++ audience.  The Game Creators will provide a free developer license for their GDK product to the VS Express audience.  You can find more over at

Coding4Fun Developer Kits!

  • The C4F Developer Kit is an offering of 20+ components and controls that offer developers a great opportunity to create cool, fun applications with technology that may be otherwise too complex or require countless hours of research and coding.  The toolkit hosts controls for things like Bluetooth, Speech, TAPI, Calendar and much, much more.  We've rolled this out on CodePlex ( to allow the community to share and add to it.  The second toolkit is perhaps the most amazing of all.  The C4F Vista P2P Toolkit offers developers the ability to create peer-to-peer applications for WinForms and WPF with no lines of codeBuilt on top of the WCF, we created a set of controls that developers simply drag ‘n drop on their design surface and simply select from the Smart Tags which pieces to hook up.  They have prebuilt controls for Chat, file sharing and streaming audio and video.  Again, like the C4F Developer Kit, this too can be found on CodePlex (



The Discussion

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    Congratulations for the release of the new Visual Studio. The C4F controls sound like fun! I am going to try them.

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    @Melonize this should work.  The project may have to be converted but I can't see any reason why it wouldn't.  

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    C4F Vista P2P Kit work on Visual Basic 2010 Express?

    I have a vista...

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