Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Phone

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While it's very possible we're nearing a gamification bubble bust (gamepocalypse?) [evidence], it doesn't mean getting badges it isn't still fun.

Today's Mobile Monday project is from a Friend of the Blog, Den Delimarsky, and is one I've been meaning to blog about for a while. With the recent release of the Visual Studio Achievements v2 now seems like a good time.

Visual Studio Achievements for Windows Phone

This is a Windows Phone application that allows viewing Visual Studio Achievements on the go. You are more than welcome to pull the source and compile a XAP yourself, and then sideload it on your phone.

Download the application in the Marketplace here.


How do I get achievements?

Head over to Channel9, sign up for an account and download the plugin. You can find a detailed description of what Visual Studio Achievements are here.

Here's a snap of the running project. BTW, if you grab the source and there's a broken reference for Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit, that's the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit, SilverlightToolkitWP (Project, Nuget)





Here's a snap of the Solution;


For a great series about this project, make sure you check out Den's posts below. He goes into some detail on each of the different areas, passing on some lessons learned in building this app.

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