WP7 "XNA for Silverlight Developers" Series

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    Thanks for doing this, might just have to give XNA a go now ...

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    Hallo Greg. Thank you for the nice review of the series. I really hope the articles motivate devs that are thinking about starting development of casual games to take a look at XNA, or maybe even attrack completely new developers. It would also be great if your coverage generated additional feedback, I'm always glad to receive comments on the articles.


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    @MisterGoodcat: No, Thank you! Both for this series and your other blog posts... Smiley

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    What we really need is to be able to mix Silverlight Lobby and Help screens with XNA 3D Games.   A framework which enables us to mix, not just Interop between the two platforms would aid the complete Game workflow.
    XNA really gets powerful because of its 3D visualisation capabilites, we really need to see more 3D Games and experiences on the WP7.  We have enough 2D, which can be done in Silverlight in any case.

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