WPF NotifyIcon control!

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wpfNotifyIcon If you've ever had a WPF application and wanted a notify icon in your system tray, you've had to import the System.Windows bits.  This always seemed to me as a hack to get it but at least I could do.  Fear not anymore, Philipp Sumi has created a WPF NotifyIcon component!

Features at a glance
  • Custom Popups (interactive controls) on mouse clicks.
  • Customized ToolTips (Vista and above) with fallback mechanism for xp/2003.
  • Rich event model including attached events to trigger animations in Popups, ToolTips, and balloon messages. I just love that.
  • Full support for standard Windows balloons, including custom icons.
  • Custom balloons that pop up in the tray area that can be styled with effects
  • WPF context menus.
  • You can define whether to show Popups on left-, right-, double-clicks etc. The same goes for context menus.
  • Simple data binding for Popups, ToolTips and custom balloons through attached properties and derived data context.
  • Command support for single / double clicks on the tray icon.



The Discussion

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    nice nice! I also think that using the WinForm NotifyControl is not the "correct" way Smiley

    thx for the link

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