We don't need no June 29th! We'll do "Angry" ourselves!

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In the US we have a long weekend coming up and what better way to spend the long weekend than writing our own Angry Birds clone. Smiley

Jo De Greef (the blog subtitle, "Blogging about WP7, XNA and LEGO" made me smile... ) is posting an on going series on writing "Pigs Fly" Windows Phone 7 XNA game.


Here are the posts as of May 20th, 2011;

As you can see, each post builds on the last, working toward the completed game.

In the latest post, Making your own WP7 Angry Birds – Part 7 – Explosions in the sky, we're show how to blow stuff up...


Most of the posts include a short video of what is being implemented in the given post. Not from the completed game, but specific to the topic at hand, building on the previous work. In short, letting you see what you are trying to build toward in this step.

And of course there's the code for each step. The code is currently a build as you go, taking it from the post and including it in your project.

The series isn't video based but is step by step, from the initial download of the physics engine through building toward the finished game, each post walks you through adding to the game.

If you've seen Angry Birds and thought, "that can't be that hard, I could do that in 10 minutes" or "wow, I could never build something like that" this might be a series for you.


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