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webcam I got a webcam for doing conferencing at work and wanted to do some development with it.  I had the problem of the sample source code I would try out didn't work.  These were examples using WIA.

THEN I found Mark Schmidt's awesome vista gadget using a webcam.  His example uses DirectShow to interface with the camera instead of WIA.  I asked for the source since it was an .Net application and it the fact it actually worked.  Mark cleaned it up and graciously posted it for everyone to check out. 

Finally, I'll be able to entertain myself by making weird faces.



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    What I've always wanted to see is some code to stream video and audio from a webcam. At most I've been able to send just still captures, and all the code examples I've seen to stream audio gave me tons of problems.

    I've also got a collection of COM controls that allow it, along with their license (they were bought by the company I work for). The problem is they they have a few problems, and are quite old and discontinued.

    I wonder if using DirectShow there is some way to choose a codec and so record audio+video on a video file and stream it over the net.

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    can u send me the complete code??its pretty interesting to know..

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    @aditya the source is in the MSDN blog post that is linked to.

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    a webcam nao funciona a mesma é integrada

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    translated as "the webcam doesn't work the same is integrated"

    What webcam do you have?

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