What's better than 20 "Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 toolkit" In Depth articles? 21!


The Windows Phone Geek Development team has documented their fun in playing with the Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 toolkit in 21 in depth, code heavy, "oh that's how it's supposed to work" articles.

Clint Rutkas suggest this and once I looked up and realized I'd just spent an hour reading these articles I could only agree.

If you are wondering what's available in the Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 toolkit, how to use its many controls or this is your first time hearing about it, this is the starting point for you.

21 WP7 Toolkit in Depth articles covering all controls

This post is a summary of all Windows Phone 7  "21 Toolkit in depth" articles provided by WindowsPhoneGeek development team.  We covered all controls from the Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 toolkit.

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