Where there's smoke, fire and explosions... there's the 3D particle engine, Tranquility

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    I've followed this project for a while now.  It is nice, but is still in the early stages and is relatively young.

    I created DPSF (http://www.xnaparticles.com) back in 2009, it is regularly updated, and it is now very established and used in many XNA projects and indie games.  Also, particle systems created in DPSF can be used on PC, Xbox 360, and Windows Phones with few or no changes required.  DPSF is fully documented and comes with many tutorials and examples (including source code) to learn from or use directly in your games (including explosions).  Like Tranquility, DPSF is free and highly extensible; however it is not open source.

    I definitely still recommend checking out Tranquility as it uses some different concepts than DPSF that you may prefer (static vs dynamic particle systems, affectors, etc.), but just be aware that DPSF is another XNA alternative worth checking out.

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    @deadlydog: Nice! Thanks for the heads up on that. Smiley

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    Look interesting project.

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