WhereAmI? VS Extension notes where a file is in a Project (think "Sync no more")


Today's Visual Studio extension from Eros Fratini is another of those simple, do-one-thing, extensions, yet when you see it you say, "wow, that's awesome and makes so much sense..."


WhereAmI is a simple extension that adds a layer on the background of your edit code window with a recap of your position in the current project.

It should be very useful when working on big projects with a deep nested folder structure.

You can configure font size and color, and it's preconfigured to work well in a dark or light environment.



The source, of course, is available too, https://github.com/tanathos/WhereAmI

What's cool is that it not only works in traditional (i.e. c#) code windows, but in the XAML editor too

(NOTE: I changed the WhereAmI settings to Black to make it easier to see, the default colors are much less intrusive, in-your-face.)

If you find yourself using the Solution pane's "Sync with Active document" allot, always are kind of wondering where in the project your current file is, this cool extension was written for you... :)

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