WiMo, Dance, DANCE I SAY!!!

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Brian Cross who works over at the Windows Mobile Division has created a robot named WiMo (Windows Mobile).  WiMo a robot that is powered by Windows Mobile SDK and can be controlled through bluetooth.  It was written in c# with a small amount of native code for DirectShow so everything is pretty much .Net Compact Framework.  Brian also shows you how to build a WiMo out of random parts (he does list them) or a Lego NXT.  He says the cost for a WiMo is about $250 without the smartphone.  On ebay I found some smart phones for $10 so lets just round that up to $300 if you don't already have one.

If you want to see what exactly a WiMo looks like, Brian also has pictures and videos of the WiMo's.  The source is open and can be downloaded from this page



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    Robert McLaws: Windows Vista Edition

    In my own personal protest of today's major story , this entry was created on my Windows Mobile phone

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