WiiMoteLib with MotionPlus

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wiimote Brian Peek has updated his WiiMote library to 1.8b1 with freshly added support for the MotionPlus add-on.

  • Taiko Drum Master's TaTaCon drum controller supported (Dean Herbert)
  • Bare-bones Wii MotionPlus support (wiibrew.org, testing by Tyler Tolley)
  • WiimoteTest UI changed to add MotionPlus data
    • Please note that the current version is VERY flakey and may not work at all for you.
    • Pair your Wiimote, plug in your MotionPlus, call InitializeMotionPlus()
    • Extensions plugged into the MotionPlus will give wacky results...not supported...yet!
    • Internal changes to perhaps fix some threading issues

Be advised, this is beta and the data from MotionPlus is raw data.  You won't get real orientation values

If you feel like testing it out, pop over to Codeplex and start playing with it!

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