Windows Phone 7 Development QuickStarts


We've been focusing on Windows Phone 7 Development allot recently, haven't we? Why? Because it's fun. It's free to play with in the emulator. We can take out .Net development skills and re-use them somewhere different. Because we can get in the ground floor on a new platform.

Because it's fun learning something new and Windows Phone 7 is one of the newer, cooler games in town.

Today's post is a great learning resource that takes you through many of the features available to Windows Phone 7 developers. They are byte sized learning chunks that build on the previous and help you, well quickly start coding, or to focus on a specific feature/function.

Windows Phone Development QuickStarts

These QuickStarts introduce the basics for creating Windows Phone 7 applications. These QuickStarts are designed for two types of readers:

New to Windows Phone development:The QuickStarts are presented in a prescribed order for those of you who want to start at the beginning and learn step-by-step. Think of the QuickStarts as the chapters of a book.

Have experience, but want to learn about specific features/scenarios: Although the QuickStarts are presented in a prescribed order for beginners, each QuickStart is a self-contained introduction to a feature rather than a dependent component of a larger whole. In other words, feel free to skip around to different QuickStarts.

Getting Started & Fundamentals

Getting Started & Fundamentals snap

Visuals and Media

Visuals and Media snap

Working with Data

Working with Data snap

Sensors and Other Phone-Specific Features

Sensors and Other Phone-Specific Features snap

And while you're there, make sure you just up a level to the main App Hub Education page. The Education catalog currently has over 80 Windows Phone 7 code samples and articles.

Here’s a few more links you might find interesting:

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