Windows Phone 8, Netduino and Bluetooth...

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Today's Hardware Friday project comes to us via Matt Cavanagh and

Controlling a Netduino over Bluetooth with WP8

The last time I touched my Netduino was about 5 months ago (due to work-load), around the time of my wedding to make the wedding tank. So this weekend I decided to dust it off and introduce it to my Lumia 920.

Disclosure: I didn’t actually dust it off.

They are now lovers.

Here is a video of what this post aims to explain how to make. It’s hard to see the actual color of things in the video – so let’s just trust me that it works

I’m going to start by explaining the entire Netduino side of things then move to WP8. Also, I’ve pretty much explained it as simply as possible incase there is anyone on earth worse than me at electronic stuff...

First he covers the hardware...

First was to get the Netduino updated. Surprisingly, the Netduino didn’t update itself sitting in the cupboard. I’m running Windows 8 – but besides mistakenly flashing it with the Netduino Plus rom the drivers all work fine and there's nothing special you need to do.

Next I picked up this awesome little Bluetooth module from Pro-tecc:



... next Windows Phone 8

Onto Windows Phone 8.

Create a new WP8 application in VS2012. Yes, this is only possible in WP8, not 7.

I’ve made a simple UI which has 3 sliders, one for each color. By default, the color of the sliders on the left of the handle will be the phone’s accent color, so I overrode the style and changed that. Below that is a Rectangle that shows the color. Then there are 3 radio buttons: Still, Strobe, and Ambient. Still will just send the slider values and strobe will randomize the sliders every 100MS (essentially flickering the LED). Ambient is a bit more complicated. I am using the [back] camera on the device to get the average color of what the phone is looking at, and then it sends that color through to the Netduino. To force the camera to initialize I needed to put a hidden rectangle on the UI and bind it’s Brush to the camera.

Above all of that is a Grid with a ProgressBar to show that it’s connecting. If the connection fails (or the first time it connects), it will display this overlay until it’s successfully reconnected and has sent and received a test ping.




Source? Yes, he's made the source for both sides available, just Click through to the post, and scroll down to the bottom of the post.

This should help you get started and keep your WP8 from feeling blue...

The Discussion

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    That's great. I love seeing people experimenting with things like this. More people need to start creating instead of just buying gadgets and consuming.

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    Matt (@roguecode on twitter) is a monster. He eats transistors with his Wheaties... Keep your eyes on the Nokia WP8 community, there is going to be much more un-distilled awesome coming.

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