Wrapping Windows 7 APIs with some .NET

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Windows7logo[1] If you're on Windows 7 and would like to develop some applications that leverage some of the new APIs built into the upcoming operating system, we have you covered with some Interop samples.

Current 3 are:

Go forth and do marvelous things.



The Discussion

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    Kevin Daly

    Cool, and thanks.

    So far that's my one real criticism of Windows 7: a slew of new native APIs including some for things that were previously managed-only, but absolutely nothing in the other direction.

    If some .NET wrappers could be incorporated directly into the API by RTM it would help to provide confidence that Microsoft regards .NET as a serious option for developing Windows applications, and not just a latter-day VB4 restricted to in-house development and web apps.

    Just sayin'.

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    @Scott Bussinger: As of now, all I see is what I listed above.  Let me ping internally.

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    Scott Bussinger

    Any chance of getting you to do a managed code wrapper for the new Windows 7 Biometric framework API's?

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    Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET framework has a lot of Windows APIs for .net developers - including a lot of the new Win7 features, shell property system, shell hierarchy, and Vista features. Check it out if you are developing on .NET: https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/WindowsAPICodePack

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