You can lead a dev to... "Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 with leaderboard in Windows Azure"

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Today's Modern Monday project is by Petri Wilhelmsen and takes you by the hand and walks you through creating a new Windows Store App game that leverages Azure

Game Starterkit for Windows 8 with leaderboard in Windows Azure

This Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 contains what you need to get started with game programming for Windows 8, including online high score in Windows Azure. The game kit is written in HTML and JavaScript.

Download now – follow instructions below to make it work.

Before we start, let me show you what you get with this solution.

Example game
The kit comes with an example game that you can modify and play with. The code is all in one file so it’s easy to play with for beginners. Feel free to use it however you like.

The kit will get updated with cooler and more advanced game that you can use as a basis when developing your own. Follow this blog to get the updates!


If you want to learn how to create this game that comes with this starter kit, you can read the guide here (slightly different graphics):

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

  • Implementation of high score in Windows Azure
    The kit also enables support for Windows Azure and handles the connection, and got functions to check if you are having a internet connection. You need to have your own Windows Azure account, and set up the service/datatable yourself.
  • Snap view
  • Tiles
  • Settings charm implementation

Let’s get you up and running!

Follow this guide to get everything up and running with the starter kit.

1) Install the tools

2) Get an account on Windows Azure

3) Create your Mobile Service and Database

4) Configure

5) Build your solution and make sure it works

Go back to the solution, make sure you have the correct URL and Application Key in your solution, and then Build and run the project.

The game starts up, and when you die, your score will be uploaded to this table. Check that the column Score is created, and that it contains the correct score value you wanted.


Go to the Data tab and the table to see your scores:


Now, be creative. There are a lot of funny little games you can create by just modifying this simple template.


Download now

Here's a snap of the Solution;


And a snip, once you've set everything up, on how easy it is to talk to Windows Azure Mobile Services


If you're creating a Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 app (or iOS or Android) Windows Azure can really ease your cross platform data needs (Yeah, I know the irony in that, but it's true).

So anyway.. you've got your starter kit, you've got your cloud storage, now just add some "You"... Smiley

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