Your fly down? Zip it up natively.


zipper Jaime Olivares got sick and tired of having to use the namespace or invoking shell API's to produce a Zip file.  Jaime decided to create a pure .Net 3.0 / 3.5 class that can create / append to zip file.

Here is a quick example on how he zips a file.

ZipStorer zip;

if (this.RadioCreate.Checked)
    // Creates a new zip file
    zip = ZipStorer.Create(TextStorage.Text, "Generated by ZipStorer class");
    // Creates a new zip file
    zip = ZipStorer.Open(TextStorage.Text, FileAccess.Write);

// Stores all the files into the zip file
foreach (string path in listBox1.Items)
    zip.AddFile(path, Path.GetFileName(path), "");

// Creates a memory stream with text
MemoryStream readme = new MemoryStream(
System.Text.Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(string.Format("{0}\r\nThis file
    has been {1} using the ZipStorer class, by Jaime Olivares.",
DateTime.Now, this.RadioCreate.Checked ? "created" : "appended")));

// Stores a new file directly from the stream
zip.AddStream("readme.txt", readme, DateTime.Now, "Please read");

// Updates and closes the zip file

Another awesome thing is you can use this class with the .Net Compact Framework.



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