Zooming in deeper with custom tiles

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Mike Ormond and Mike Taulty each have an entry on DeepZoom and creating MultiScaleTileSources for Silverlight 2.

Mike Ormond's example is a Mandelbrot set which is pretty cool.  Wikipedia has an amazing write-up about what exactly a Mandelbrot set is, but it is a perfect example for showing off DeepZoom and the MultiScaleTileSource.

So why would someone need a custom source to do DeepZoom?  Not every solution is able to use the DeepZoom composer.  I could have parsed images already such as map imaging or a data source that is calculated on the fly.

Both Mike's, awesome job!



The Discussion

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    some one

    If you want to do an on the fly composition. If I get serach results and want to build a canvas of images base on a serach result. Think of Live image search returning a DeepZoom of my results.

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    Jay Adair

    DeepZoom is a fantastic idea, though the implementation fails miserably imo. I have something I would LOVE to use it for, but cutting up dozens of images just for one photo isn't feasible, especially via the use of custom tools.

    If it could take one high-resolution image file and work with that, it'd be a big win and I'd use it straight-away.

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    @Jay Adair:  It can actually do just that.  What you typically see are people that want to do a gallery of images however.

    It takes a super high resolution image and then breaks it down into smaller peices.  If you want to implement your own method of breaking down an image, that is what this article talks about.

    One of my coworkers has a demo of deepzoom with just 1 image.


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    Henric Öberg

    Check this one out, same result but with no Deep Zoom Composer used: http://www.dathor.se/lab/default.html

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    Jay Adair

    Thanks guys, though I can't view either right now as they're for older versions of Silverlight. This lack of backwards compatibility is frustrating. I hope it is just because Silverlight is so new and each time a new version is released it doesn't break all the existing apps.

    I'll have another look at DeepZoom, as the tech seems great for what I want to do, though I have reservations about using such a volatile tech.

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    @Jay Adair:  Silverlight 2 is still beta so it hasn't been released yet so while it is a shame build to build stuff may break, it is bound to happen if the product is to become mature with strong API models.  

    Silverlight 1 can still run just fine under Silverlight 2 however.

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