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A quick note (since my http://buildwindows.com earlier today was admittedly a little sparse), I just saw project the by David Burela cross my news stream and thought you might find it appropriate.

The source is available, though it does use a third party control set (the Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Phone controls). You all know that I usually don't highlight projects that include components that are free, that include commercial libraries, but I thought I'd make a special exception for this one...

Build 2012 conference app for Windows Phone

This year I was given the location of the Build 2012 data feed, and asked if I could help build the conference app for the Windows Phone.

You can download the Build 2012 conference application from the Windows Phone marketplace.

The source code is available on GitHub.

I took the TechEd Australia app that I created earlier in the year, and modified it for the Build data stream (you can read my post-mortem of building the TechEd app here)

The Build 2012 application has a few nice features:

  • Search for sessions by title, session code or abstract.
  • View the sessions by schedule slot.
  • View slides directly on your phone (once uploaded to Channel 9).
  • Watch the sessions directly on your phone (once uploaded to Channel 9).

And of course, the application was built using the Infragistics NetAdvantage for Windows Phone controls.


BTW, you can try the Infragistics controls for free, so you can grab them, this source and check it out to you hearts content (or until the trial expires at least). And hey, worse case, the app is free in the Windows Phone Marketplace... Smiley

The Discussion

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    In the spirit of supporting the Coding4Fun community, I don't want the use of the Infragistics controls to impede anyone wanting to play with the code and extending it to do new things.

    Infragistics is more than happy to support the community by giving free licenses of the Windows Phone controls to the Coding4Fun readers. Just send an email to community@infragistics.com and say that you'd like the Windows Phone controls so that you can play with the Build 2012 app.

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    @David_Burela: That is awesome David! You guys rock.

    I do find it funny that as I write this, I'm looking right at the Infragistics //build/ table. Going over to get a t-shirt in just a few minutes. Smiley

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    @david_burela: really smooth scrolling on that list view.

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