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I'm sure you all know that Build 2015 is happening this week, and we all expect a number of announcements, releases, news, etc.

Given the very limited number of tickets, I'm willing to bet only a few of you were able to get them, and so attend in person.

But I've got a deal for you! (Actually two!).

Would you like to see the Day 1 and 2 keynotes live? See live Q&A sessions all day Wednesday and Thursday? See all the sessions on-demand approximately 24 hours after they are presented? Not have to deal with TSA, Travel, sitting behind the "stinky guy", able to see the conference without getting out of your Bunny Slippers?

Deal One: You can! Come to our home page, https://channel9.msdn.com, or the Build home page, http://www.buildwindows.com, and we'll be streaming Build live all day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Come back and see the sessions on-demand too.


Deal Two: Aren't willing take no as an answer, still want to go to Build? How about if I were to tell you you can! We're bringing Build to you!

Build Tour


Bringing the Build experience to cities around the globe.
As a developer you can expect:
  • Best of Build announcements and insights
  • Deep dive in the Windows 10 developer platform for app and web developers
  • Coding sessions and exciting demos across devices
  • Partner showcases
  • Open Q&A and face-to-face time with Microsoft engineers
  • This is a free event



Did you catch that last bullet? Free! Yep, we're brining Build to you, in-person, a day long event, for free. Now THAT's a deal!


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