jQuery, the who, what, where, why and how

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Jquerylogo[1] Ben Nadel created an excellent video post (warning, semi-long at 1.75hr) that covers pretty much all aspects of JQuery.

What is jQuery however?  jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that lets you do some amazing things.  From events to CSS manipulation to Ajax to effects, it can do a ton of very useful functionality.

To view some of the demos of just the UI features, head over to http://jqueryui.com/demos/

[via Simone Chiaretta]



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    cool video...it is pretty comprehensive, however, i think 25% of the video is trying to hype up jQuery...we know how cool it is...that's why we are watching.  good content either way Smiley

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    @Robert, having done Javascript pre-jQuery, it does make life a lot easier.  Microsoft is even shipping it with Visual Studio moving forward!

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