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  • Large Scale Terrain Rendering
  • DPSF (Dynamic Particle System Framework) = Free particle library for XNA (Windows, XBox 360 and Windows Phone)
  • Building the PIX-6T4 and writing a game for it too
  • 0 A.D. The C++ open source RTS that's looking for game dev geeks (not that you're a geek...)
  • Where there's smoke, fire and explosions... there's the 3D particle engine, Tranquility
  • Home Automation, Kinect, Netduino (and a Squirt Gun), oh my...
  • Using HTML5, web sockets and some C# to build a multiplayer Space Shoot[er]
  • It's three-for-one QR Code Day
  • The PIX-6T4 kit is out...
  • [Special Edition] Achievement Unlocked! - Visual Studio Achievement Beta Released