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  • Home Automation with some help from jQuery Mobile, MVC and Netduino
  • Making some magic with XNA with Mage Defender Deluxe
  • An End-to-End Windows 8 Metro Style HTML5/JavaScript Game Sample
  • Gliding into a .Net Micro Framework UI design with GLIDE
  • I see what you're hearing... With the WPF Sound Visualization Library
  • Channel9/Coding4Fun On Discovery’s Inside West Coast Customs!
    30 seconds
  • Bizzy Bees - A XNA for Windows Phone 7 game building walkthrough
  • Text to Speech in .Net and .Net Micro Framework, with translation too!
  • Tiding over your level editing and tile rendering needs with help from tIDE
  • Develop for Windows Phone, with Windows Phone... TouchDevelop