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  • No Netduino hardware? Go Virtual. The VirtualBreadboard has (some) Netduino support
  • We're all one little world... as shown with the Silverlight 5 3D sample, Solar Wind
  • We don't need no June 29th! We'll do "Angry" ourselves!
  • Having a Silver Touch... As in the Wintellect Silverlight Touch Library, LightTouch
  • YAEC (Yet Another Email Client) but this one has LINQ to IMAP...
  • If I were "graphically challenged" where could I get resources I could use in my XNA games?
  • Netduino is RAD
  • Web dev that's as smooth as Silk... Project Silk
  • There's more than one way too...connect your Windows Phone 7 to Dropbox via SevenDrops
  • LED fun, four characters at a time, with Netduino and ShieldStudio