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  • Caching + Messaging + Collections + Services + Communications + Diagnostics + UI Controls = WP7Contrib
  • Does programming your lawn sprinkler seem so much harder than it should be? Here's a Netduino/Azure/WP7 solution for you...
  • Windows Phone 7 and Azure, sitting in a tree... The Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone
  • Using Netduino to monitor Twitter
  • Blender 3D, XNA and a little bone bending
  • Adding awesome lighting effects to your XNA game...
  • "The Internet of Things" the FEZ way
  • Building your own hand-held game console with, Netduino, C# and the PIX-6T4 project
  • GIS4U - Adding spatial data, analysis, and mapping to your application with DotSpatial
  • Questing for some retro-fun with Quest, the Text Adventure player and creator