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  • KsigDo. A Knockout, SignalR,, MVVM, MVC and EF all mixed together into a multiuser real time sync To Do" example
  • Creating a simple Angry Avian (i.e. Birds) Clone for WP7 all in Expression (and no code) Tutorial
  • "Marvelous Maze: A 3D Windows Phone Game"
  • Netduino and VB are cool... as shown in this Tempature Monitoring project
  • Don't be blue... the Blue Book gets a major mango update!
  • 6 for 5... Six lesson class for HTML5
  • GART - The Geo AR (Augmented Reality) Toolkit for Windows Phone 7.1(5)
  • .Net Micro Framework v4.2 RTW's
  • MyMediaLite Recommender System Library
  • Get a free and open source physics library in BEPUphysics (for Windows, XBox and WP7)