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  • Jumping into HTML5 Dev with the "Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Jump Start"
  • The Ball is in our court and control with the Sphero C# Controller (WP8, MonoDroid, MonoTouch and more)
  • Jeff takes off the cover of his CoverFlow Control for Windows 8 & Windows RT
  • "HTML5, JavaScript, Knockout, JQuery, Guide for Recovering Silverlight/WPF/C# Addicts." Series
  • Christmas Pi
  • 8 reasons why Windows 8 is GR8T
  • //build/ HackaThon winner, Social Squares, now available in Windows Phone Store
  • VB, .Net Gadgeteer, .Net Micro Framework SDK 4.2 and a simple Web Server
  • Hello Hilo [JS]
  • NFC based Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 photo sharing with PixPresenter