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  • I'm thinking of... Mindwave + Arduino ["ThinkUino"]
  • An amazing maze, with some Windows Phone 8, Netduino, servos and some 3D printing for flavor...
  • TwitterRt - Tweeting from within your Windows 8 App
  • Rx:SSSsssss... (That's the sound of Reactive Extensions, Windows Phone 7 and a Snake...)
  • MIX it up at the Open Source Fest at MIX11
  • Windows 10, IoT, Sphero 2 and Raspberry PI 2
  • HeadTexter... Using the Intel Perceptual Computing SDK, C# and your noggin to text...
  • Torquing it up with TORCS, The Open Racing Car Simulator
  • A clear example of a gesture driven Windows Phone application
  • NuPattern is a tool that helps you build tools... Don't repeat manual, automate!