24... Minutes to Custom Gestures with the Kinect v2 for Windows

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Last post of the year comes via Adam Tuliper and his 24 minute video that will help you get started making Custom Gestures in the coming year...

Custom Gestures with the Kinect v2 for Windows

Want to get up and running FAST in learning the basics of custom gesture recognition for Kinect v2 for Windows? This video is a quick start to learning how to record custom gestures with the Kinect, tagging your clips, analyzing them, testing your gesture recognition, and building your .gbd file, which is then used in your final projects (Unity, Visual Studio, etc), Yes, all in 24 minutes!

Project Information URL: https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/AdamTuliper/Custom-Gestures-with-the-Kinect-v2-for-Windows

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