A Metro inspired, Kinect driven visual communication system... Teudu


Today's project is a Metro inspired (with live tiles even) NUI information display and browsing project.

Teudu: A Kinect Driven Visual Communication System

An attempt to leverage the Kinect in NUI for an interactive, metro-styled info-display with live-tiles (ala Windows Phone).

It was originally a Carnegie Mellon University Information Systems Capstone project, and has since evolved into a public contribution. We hope the world will build new and exciting info-displays on top of this platform.

Project Information URL: http://teudu.codeplex.com/ & http://www.vivekrpai.com/Projects/Teudu

Project Source URL: http://teudu.codeplex.com/SourceControl/list/changesets


Note: If you're looking at the source, the Solution/Project you'll want to use is the \Teudu.InfoDisplay\Teudu.InfoDisplay.sln


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The Discussion

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    Thanks for putting this up Greg!

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    Just a note to everyone...we are looking to develop this into a platform for all sorts of visual communication needs. I was the only developer on this project (in a team of mainly HCI students), and development happened in just one semester. Thus, there is much room for improvement to truly make this project solid and flexible - any help would be much appreciated.

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    @MasterPie:No, thank you! Smiley

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    To anyone downloading the source, know that the sample data that I included has start and end dates June 15, 2012. Since the system only displays upcoming and "happening now" data, the sample data will not show unless you change the date accordingly (to at least a week or two after present).

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