A USB3 tip for non-USB3 Laptops in the Kinect for Windows v2 world...

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    Tobias Claren

    PCMCIA USB3? Does it exist?
    "PCMCIA", "32Bit PC-Card" only has 132MB/s or?

    Are there Kinect V2 compatible PCMCIA USB3 cards?
    For example, Kinect at a Toughbook CF-31 MK1.
    This fully rugged Notebook has a PCMCIA-Slot, and a Expresscard-Slot.

    Actually I have ordered a cheap CF-Card-Adapter for this PCMCIA slot (for CF cards from my field recorder [audiorecorder]).

    Are there a working (Kinect is silly, not working with all USB3 ports, same like Vive and ASUS USB3-Ports...) USB3-Expresscard? Perhaps a cheap oder cheap no name?

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