A Very Kinect Christmas

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    I totally loved this! I've been using the Xbox Controller and MS Robotics Studio with the Lego Mindstorms since Christmas and just got the Kinect USB Adapter in the mail today. This was our first app that we ran and it made taking down the tree a little less painful. Loved the app. Very creative and happy. On first try, we only seemed to get one hat at a time instead of 2. I haven't looked into it yet, but I'm sure it's me.

    For others, we had to paste in the full path to free-christmas-powerpoint-background-11.jpg in the <ImageBrush ImageSource= node of the MainWindow.xaml file. This file can be found in the Images folder, alt+enter for properties, double click to grab the full path.

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    i m able to display tshirt in frnt f persn....
    but how to change size of tshirt accordingly as a person moves back wrd nd frwrd in front of kinetic

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    Bjr, j'arrive pas à ouvrir le jeu, j'ai télécharge le code source et il y a toujours une exception qui s'affiche?!

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